Photovoltaic Power System (PVPS)

Highly customizable, engineered to order, integrated system
Photovoltaic Power System (PVPS)

Product Description

Alpha Energy's Photovoltaic Power Systems, (PVPS) are ideal for customers seeking to incorporate solar electricity into DC-based powering applicaitons.  These scalable systems provide direct DC to DC input and output, maximizing available power.

Systems are fully configurable with a variety of options including OutBack Power FLEXmax MPPT charge controllers, NEMA 3R Outdoor Telco 42RU racks, Alpha manufactured rectifiers, converters and disconnects and monitoring via Alpha Cordex CXCR or OutBack communications systems.

Product Highlights

  • 4 – 24kW Solar MPPT Charging System featuring OutBack FLEXmax MPPT charge controllers
  • Available in Indoor or NEMA 3R Outdoor Telco 42RU racks with optional heat exchanger and cooling
  • Engineered to house flexible configurations of Alpha and OutBack integrated power conversion gear, such as rectifiers, converters and disconnects
  • Optional monitoring and control available via Cordex CXCR or OutBack communications systems