Hybrid Power System (HPS)

Customized, Multiple Power Source, Engineered Solutions
Hybrid Power System   (HPS)

Product Description

Alpha Energy’s Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) are ideal for a wide variety of mission critical applications, including telecom, security, military, pipeline and micro-grid installations. These highly versatile power plants are fully-configurable with AC or DC input and output options and included inverters, DC rectifiers, converters, breakers, alarms, batteries and solar controllers. Each HPS can be engineered and customized to meet the specific requirements of virtually any renewable energy application.

Product Highlights

  • Engineered solution integrating multiple generation sources
  • Modular, scalable Alpha architicture
  • PV Systems from 1kW to 100kW+
  • Optimizes generator offset and system economics
  • Mission critical loads to full micro-grid applications