Utility Scale Storage


Alpha is a global EPC leader of Energy Storage in utility scale applications. With storage in its fundamental core of business since inception in 1975, Alpha has a wide selection of technologies available to be expertly engineered and integrated into commercial and utility scale applications. With many completed installations worldwide, Alpha’s knowledge and application of energy storage applications are unsurpassed.


Leveraging the Alpha Group’s large volume of battery sales, our dedicated product managers support applications with a wide array of chemistries available to suit any application. Alpha’s application engineers will ensure that the application specific details are harmonized with bankable solutions for unmatched system reliability.


Bi-directional inverter and controller selection are key technologies behind an energy storage project. With both its own proprietary technology as well as third-party partnerships, Alpha solutions can manage power flow directly to a load or utility, correct electric instabilities such as power factor, reactive voltages and frequency stability, to name just a few.


In any energy storage based system, the control of an asset, as well as a group of assets as a whole, is imperative to the overall stability of the network. Through internally developed controllers, as well as strategic partner controllers, Alpha has the capability to bring an application from launch to commercial operation, allowing for economic energy flow from any number of generation sources.


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