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Government Telecommunications Microgrid Installation

  • Application: Telecom
  • Number of Sites: 5

This custom highly-engineered microgrid solution consists of five off-grid mountaintop government telecommunication sites in California. Each system provides 24/7 power for radios, telemetry, air conditioners and other mission-critical loads with an unmatched degree of resiliency.

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  • Remote offgrid communications site designed for 24/7, year-round power needs
  • 35kW ground mount solar array designed for maximum efficiency in the winter months
  • Alpha Energy designed and fully integrated DC power plant with 48kW solar charger and 6400 amp-hour battery bank

System Specifications

Alpha Energy’s custom engineered solutions provide maximum flexibility, optimum performance, and proven reliability. Each telecom microgrid was installed with:

  • 32kW of solar
  • Lead-Acid batteries providing 576kWh
  • 3kW of total output power

Site Line Drawing

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